kontrastmoment has been designing
and realising high quality
digital experiences
since 2002.

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We offer the full range of UX/UI, starting from initial concepts
and design research to high-end implementation.
Whether 2D, 3D, realtime, VR or AR – the users
and their needs are always our focus.


Vision and Innovation

From visionary ideas to communicated strategies. We research, we experiment, and we communicate tomorrow’s groundbreaking concepts.


Concept and design

kontrastmoment passionately strives for future-oriented approaches to design. We create custom-made, user-oriented experiences at the highest level.


Usability and evaluation

kontrastmoment evaluates, investigates and optimises concepts and designs to achieve the perfect user experience.


Realisation and serial development

We realise and implement digital products in 2D, 3D, realtime and VR.


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About Us

kontrastmoment in numbers

We are a multicultural and interdisciplinary design agency based in Munich.
kontrastmoment stands for cooperation and respect – a friendly and helpful attitude is essential.



kontrastmoment celebrates diversity. Meeting the demands of a global market and an interconnected world is only possible with an international team of experts from diverse fields.



Currently, our team is made up of 60 interactive designers, game designers, product designers, communication designers, computer scientists, 3D and realtime artists, philologists and software ergonomists.



First and foremost, we are diverse! Our 60 experts bring their various knowledge and experience from different areas of the creative and technology sectors, and they channel this into achieving the goals for each project.



Our four locations in the centre of Munich provide a suitable working environment for our interdisciplinary teams. They also reflect our philosophy and our associated responsibilities towards the environment, nature and humanity.

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kontrastmoment GmbH

Serial development and design

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Serial development and design

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80469 Munich